TCI Textbook notes:

  • Cause: Election of 1801
  • Effects: New Amendment, a tie vote, 6 days, 35 ballots, and an unlikely breaker of the tie.
  • Created the 12th amendment: Causes the Electoral college to vote separate ballots for President and Vice President.
  • Alexander Hamilton broke the deadlock after six days.

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  • The candidates didn’t directly campaign instead they sent letters.
  • Federalists said that Jefferson was “godless”.
  • Republicans said that the federalists favored the wealthy.
  • The one with the majority of the votes would become president and the second most would become vice president.
  • Federalists tried to keep Jefferson from becoming president by supporting Aaron Burr.
  • The tie broke when one of the federalists decided to vote for Jefferson rather than Burr.

Resource 2 Notes - Elena
Common Interpretation: The Twelfth Amendment
  • Electors have to vote for 2 individual candidates(at least one has to be born outside the electors state)
  • Could not personally know the candidates they vote for
  • Vote for 2 “most qualified” candidates for president and vice president
  • In case of a tie, the house of rep. would choose the president/vice president from the 3 most popular candidates
  • Pennsylvania and Virginia were threatening to march into Washington DC with their militia is the tie wasn’t broken soon

Resource Notes 1: Jack
1801 Deadlock
  • The Deadlock was broken by Alexander Hamilton
  • It was broken on 17 February, 1801
  • It took 6 days and 35 different ballots
  • The two candidates were Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
  • Hamilton ended up putting in his ballot for Jefferson
  • 3 years after the duel, Burr challenged Hamilton to a duel, which Hamilton lost

Resource Notes 3: Damien
1801 Deadlock
__1801 Deadlock__

  • The deadlock was the was one of the most controversial in American history
  • The eventual winner was only decided after days of balloting in the House of Representatives.
  • When it was settled, Thomas Jefferson became president. That marked a philosophical change
  • which has been characterized as the Revolution of 1800.
  • The Twelfth Amendment, which changed the Constitution to prevent the problem of the election of 1800 from occurring again, created the current system of presidents and vice presidents running on the same ticket.