Abraham Lincoln's Assassination ASA2

#1 Question- Did John Wilkes Booth understand what the consequences would be?
Possible Answer- Since he was not scared to kill the president and even after he did he shouted in front of the crowd so he probably knew there would be consequences but maybe he thought people would be happy for him.


Question 1- How old was John Wilkes Booth when he died?
Answer- 26
Question 2- What did John Wilkes Booth mean when he said the south is avenged?
Answer- He met according to, Quora tyrants get overthrown and so he is a tyrant because he deserves to get overthrown.
Question 3- What language was John Wilkes Booth speaking after he killed Abraham Lincoln?
Question 4- Latin.
Question 5- Where was John Wilkes Booth from?
Answer- Bel air, Maryland

3 Most Important Notes

  • Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in a movie theatre by John Wilkes Booth on April 15th 1865.
  • He was shot by John but John escaped by a horse after running ff a second stage and breaking his leg.
  • The president was dead by the next morning because he was shot they did not known how they could save him.

1 Interesting Fact

  • John Wilkes Booth was happy about shooting the president because he disliked the way he ran the government and he was found hiding in a shed and then shot and his friends that were in on it were hanged.


Summary, Paraphrase, Bullet, Quote
Questions, Comments, Connections, Insights
  • John Wilkes Booth assassinated the president Abraham Lincoln and planned it in the movie theatre.
Who Where
This is important because he was the main person who killed the president and he is a main part of the topic.
  • John Wilkes Booth was a actor so part of his plan was to get in to the theatre because he was a actor so being in the theater was not going to be unusual.
This is a connection because the assassin was not going to be suspected for being a shooter because the killing was in the movie theater.
  • He died on April 15th 1865 after John Wilkes Booth shot Abraham Lincoln at a theatre and after the killing jumped out of the balcony and broke his leg and ran out.
What happened
He jumped off the balcony so he would not get found so he could go outside and go on his horse so they could not fid him.
  • People began to look for the killer and there were sign showing for lots of money if you find him there would be a money reward.
What happens after
This is a connection to the killing because this explains what happened right after the killing and what they did to try and find the killer.
  • As soon as the assassination was over they couldn't find John Wilkes Booth because he got away on a horse and was unable to be found.
How he was found
I wonder how he was found there because there was not a lot of technology and he got away on a horse so he could have gone far?
  • After he was found they shot him in the neck and then he died after and he said this right before his death, "Useless".
The killer
He was found and he was shot but I wonder how long it took them to find him?
  • This event is important because this shows what happened in the event of the shooting he didn't just shot him and walk out he said some words meaning "sic semper tyrannis" which means "thus aways to tyrants". Information for translation
What happened right after
He did not regret harming the president he was going to also say something after so he could show everyone himself, he was not scared.
  • He was wounded so he could not go anywhere because he had broke his leg so he went to a house and then was surrounded.
How he was found.
What was the day that he was shot?
  • John was born into a family of actors and he also was born in Maryland.
Who he was
This explains who he was and also that he was born in America.
  • He was happy about thinking about killing the president when he wrote this in his diary.
What he thought
He was not scared to be found or to kill the president.
  • John Wilkes Booth was planning to kidnap the president instead of killing him but he thought it would be easier to kill him and it would not be hard.
Why he decided to
He didn't always plan to kill the president.
  • It wasn't just him planning the assassination he had others and they were hung.
It wasn't just him he was with others and they were hung but he was shot.
  • Lincoln was at a staying at a hotel and that is how the planned to kidnap him but then they decided to shoot him at the theatre.
This is important because this explains how they were going to kidnap him.
  • Booth wanted to take power and ruin the south and he didn't like are new president.
What happened and why he wanted to do such a thing.
  • He wrote his parents before he shot the president, not telling her what he was doing but that he is okay and saying he loved her.
What happened before
He wanted to say this I think because he maybe knew what was going to happen to him after what he did.
  • Part of the reason he could have been unprotected and shot was because he got so many death threats when he first became president he was not able to have a service to protect him.
What could have lead up to this event
This explains and shows that the president at this time was not liked by some people so he did not have very good protection because he is getting death threats.
  • Another reason he was unprotected was because he was a military leader as well so most presidents and important people would go unprotected.
A cause of assassination
This shows that song important people were known to go unprotected and this could be a cause of him being a target.
  • He did have body guards and he did know that people were planning to ambush him earlier before he got shot and he had to him and he did not want that to happen again.
His fear and what led him
This was a big deal for George Washington because he was scared of this happening again.
  • John Wilke Booth thought that people were going to be happy that he killed the president but instead people came after him.
What happened to the killer after
This can also be a reason why John Wilkes Booth might have thought it was a good idea to kill Abraham Lincoln.
  • The time was 10:15 so the play was at night so as you can tell John Wilkes Booth planned the killing at night
John might have planned this to be a later time so it might be less noticeable.


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