Lincoln's Last Breath and Beyond
Lincoln's Last Breath and Beyond
Tarun Sai
What topic(s) will your project explore?
Lincoln's Assassination at the Ford Theater
How do they connect to our overall topic of American History from roughly 1780 to 1870?
Because Lincoln was president of the United States of America during the Civil War (the bloodiest war in American History) and his assassination happened only 5 days after the victory of the Civil War.
Did you check our wiki to see if this topic has already been explored? (What words did you search for?)
1. Abe Proposal
2. Lincoln Proposal
3. Abe Lincoln Proposal
4. Abraham Proposal
5. Abraham Lincoln Proposal
6. Proposal
7. Abe
8. Lincoln
9. Abraham
10. Abe Lincoln
11. Abraham Lincoln
  • What focus question will drive your work?
    • How and why did his assassination affect later presidents' amount of security and protection?
    • Question that is due November 1st 20134 is above
  • What subquestions will help you answer your driving question?
    • Where and how did Lincoln die?
    • Where was Lincoln shot?
    • Did something change in presidential security after Lincoln's assassination?
    • etc...
Materials &
List your materials/resources and who will be providing them.
Tarun will research
Mr. Whitmer might provide textbook and a little tech help.
School will provide Media Center and computer
List possible information resources/sources used to complete this project.
  • See above
Are there any outside experts who you could learn from or who might help you?
  • Mr. Whitmer
  • Ms. Clark
  • Father and/or Mother
  • peers/classmates
  • other teachers
  • Any professors or historians who are Lincoln experts you might find online
  • etc...
Are there existing examples of the sort of project you want to complete? Has anyone else done a similar project?
add here once you have a proposed project format
Main Steps:
  1. Outline the main steps to complete your project or provide a link to another site that has the steps. Below the link explain any additional steps you need to complete.
  2. How will you document your process/progress beyond your journal entries?
  3. If this is not an individual project, how will you work together so that all are learning/working equal to their abilities? Roles? Accountability?
How long do you expect this project to take?
The Whole School Year
Sharing/Teaching/Paying It Forward - How will you share what you have learned with others?
Audio file connected with scale-changing PowerPoint or prezi - revisit this after seeing what information you will want to share.
How did you select that format?

Who is your target audience?
7th grade to 9th grade
How will you/your partnership define the projects success? How should we evaluate your success? How will that be "visible" to others? (Demonstrate)
Design your own rubric (Rubistar might help).
For End Result: